Understanding Wellness Improves Life Overall

Personal health management isn’t just about getting a prescription when one feels like the flu is coming on or being under the weather. It’s not about a surgical procedure to fix an internal issue. In fact, natural approaches and those that enhance the defense systems the body already has in place oftentimes produce far better results without being invasive or damaging to the body to correct a bigger problem. This is one of the advantages of functional medicine.

Functional Medicine & Prevention Enhance Longevity

Maintaining personal health and wellness provides just as much of an important impact on well-being and longevity as the application of medicine, treatment, and surgery. Even more advantageous, focusing on prevention and good health avoids the need for curative approaches later. Folks have regularly been told growing up that they are what they eat, and that statement is rooted in good nutrition. However, wellness and personal vitality are also supported and maintained through proper diet, exercise, avoidance of problematic substances like drinking too much, smoking, or eating processed foods.

Various Out-Patient Treatments Can Keep Small New Problems Small

In addition to prevention, a number of treatments can be very beneficial to correcting small problems before they become bigger over time. Whether it is chiropractic treatment to address misalignments in joints and the spine, or laser treatment to enhance faster healing of a muscular injury, various out-patient treatments can go a long way towards relieving small issues before they turn into serious chronic problems.

Finding a Comprehensive Chiropractor Package All in One Place

The Vitality Center, led by Dr. Jason Pope, provides clients and patients a broad spectrum of wellness services that go well beyond simple rehabilitation after an injury. While chiropractic services are a mainstay of the center, our team also provides a variety of health improvement treatments including diet/nutrition management, infrared sauna, cold laser and halo laser therapies, orthotics, occupational and functional medicine, and much more.

Our team looks at each patient in a holistic fashion and focuses on how a combination of treatments can improve one’s health in total. The Vitality Center serves patients from multiple neighborhoods including Hauppauge and Dix Hills, as well as Huntington and Northport. Patients from Smithtown and King’s Park also regularly schedule appointments too. Live for yourself comfortably and with energy versus being limited by health and chronic problems. Don’t be a witness to life, engage with it. The Vitality Center can help!