You might be injured while working, competing in sports, or driving. You might suffer an injury while doing your normal daily routine at home. When you have a painful injury, an experienced and skilled chiropractor at The Vitality Center in Hauppauge, NY, provides a full range of non-invasive care that promotes natural healing.

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We provide the full services of a holistic doctor, so you can overcome your injury and resume your normal activities. In addition, our chiropractor can treat your injury in many ways, making you feel better and stronger sooner.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is highly effective and proven to reduce pain and encourage healing. Our chiropractor can massage your afflicted area and reduce swelling and inflammation, easing the pressure off the nerves and reducing pain. Massage therapy can also help with movement restoration by encouraging more blood flow to your injury to flush out toxins, making it easier to move around with less pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

When you have a misaligned spine or joints in your body, you can experience a lot of pain. A personal injury commonly results in misalignments of the skeletal structure that our experienced and highly skilled chiropractor can treat with chiropractic adjustments. The painless procedure helps align your afflicted bones or spine to reduce pressure on injured soft tissue and ease pain.


Our chiropractor uses very low-voltage electrical pulses to stimulate the cells within your injured body. Then, a technician attaches positive and negative electrodes that stimulate the soft tissue and flush out toxins. Both are important for helping injured bone and soft tissue heal faster and reduce pain.

Halo Light Therapy

A newer treatment that is gaining popularity is halo light therapy, which uses UV light and botanicals to relieve pain and encourage natural healing. A holistic doctor will use a vial filled with medicinal herbs and other botanicals mixed with liquid and shine ultraviolet light. The UV light and homeopathic vials combine to create healing frequencies that ease anxiety, improve circulation, and reduce pain, allowing your body to heal naturally.

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