Halo light therapy™ is a relatively new type of therapy that has shown success in patients who suffer from a variety of ailments. This type of holistic therapy combines botanicals and UV light to promote healing and provide pain relief.

This is just one of several treatment options The Vitality Center in Hauppauge, NY,  offers to patients, we look forward to adding this to your wellness regimen… keep reading to learn more…

How Halo Light Therapy™ Works

For someone who is unfamiliar with halo light therapy™, treatment might look a little cutting edge – and we would agree! To start, the halo itself looks like a purple flashlight (or lightsaber)… then there are vials that are loaded into the flashlight filled with a combination of medicinal herbs and plants.  Exactly which vial combinations are administered will be up Dr. Pape, and are determined based on your health goals.  From pain to, chronic infections, to stress, to immune issues there are numerous applications.

The  prefilled homeopathic vials , are placed inside The Halo. Then the UV light from the Halo passes through the vials and transmits the healing frequencies of these vials into your body.  The patient gets the benefits from this therapy in several ways, depending on their treatment goals.

Who can benefit from Halo Light Therapy™?

  • Anyone who wants to be proactive in their health.
  • Excellent for those in self-direction. • Great at the onset of any cold, or flu symptoms.
  • Amazing results for those with autism.
  • Excellent for neurological health.
  • Fantastic for immunity.
  • Anyone with a pulse 🙂

What is Structured Water?

In other types of treatment, we use The Halo™, and corresponding vials to charge drinking water to create Structured Drinking Water that clients can enjoy.

Structured water is vibrationally repaired water: water brought back to its natural spring water frequency state,  where all water molecules can return to vibrating in a hexagonal grid; this process will make your water molecules cluster in smaller groups – micro-clustered – for better use and absorption.

This hexagonal water can be received in our bodies on a cellular level and helps to energize the water we are all made from.

We experience an effect of “energy net savings” when we drink and treat ourselves with structured water.  Deep intra-cellular hydration is possible with energized water and may be perceived as an energy increase.

Structured water has antioxidant properties, even though there are no antioxidants added to the water. Structured water plays an important role in the bioactivity of various cells.

Benefits of Drinking Structured Water

By drinking water that contains fewer molecules, or micro-clustered, you can:

  • Hydrate your body more quickly and effectively.
  • Enhance energy levels, improve your overall aerobic capacity.
  • Prevent premature aging and rejuvenation of skin cells.
  • Lead to more proper hydration, facilitating better oxygenation to the body at the cellular level.
  • Increase cellular communication.
  • Reduce inflammation and manage pain.
  • Promote mental clarity and focus.
  • Assist the body in removing toxins and pathogens, by flushing out toxins from the body.

What is Vitality Halo Water?

A great way to upgrade your structured water by additionally “charging” it with the frequencies from the other homeopathic halo vials to allow you to maintain the benefits of Halo outside of the clinic.

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If you live in the Hauppauge, NY, area and you are experiencing  pain, or find yourself frequently sick, it may be time to talk to your chiropractor at The Vitality Center about halo light therapy™, and what halo charged structured water can do for you.

Your chiropractor may decide this type of therapy is a good choice for you to help you achieve your optimum health. Call us today at (631) 864-2784 to learn more about this treatment option.